About Us

‘We’, started by intention and steered by passion. We intend to provide a kaleidoscope of experiences to our customers. Not just routine destinations but also unchartered and hidden jewels where the curiosity of an unconventional traveler will be satiated.


To grow into a name that feeds wanderlust.


Our mission at Samsona Getaways is to give respite. Respite from the mundane, from the routine and from the common. We want you to miss a bit from your routine and go ‘off beat’.

Why Samsona Getaways

We know that in this world, where information is available freely, you will come across plenty of avenues which might offer to fulfill your travel requirements. When you go through Samsona Getaways, you get

  • A deal to suit your needs.
  • An experience to remember.
  • A location you thought you would never visit.
  • The trip that you will experience after careful consideration and selection.
  • You save your time and energy on exploring the options.
  • Opportunity to include in Point and Reward System of Samsona Getaways

What we do

  • We deal in ‘Off beat tourism’.
  • We are a medium between you and the desired travel destinations and experiences.
  • We understand your travel concept and explore for the right option for you.
  • We will connect you to locations which are unexplored and uncharted.
  • We will lead you to the experiences which are unique and different.
  • We have network of specialized travel experts and arrangers pertaining to “Off beat” segment of travel.
  • We will pick and choose the option that suits you and is most compatible for the travel idea that you have in mind.
  • We will ensure that you are in right hands and enjoy your time exceptionally well.

Get what you want

  • Want to be away from networks, pollutions, traffic, routine?
  • Want to be with nature, uncontained jungle walks, flora and fauna watching?
  • Want to lie listless with a cup of tea in hand and a book to read in the middle of rain?
  • Want to visit old heritage places, not lavish but ethnic in their reality?
  • Want a taste of original cuisine or want any food that you order to your taste on your plate?
  • Want to explore your favourite terrain on foot or cycles? Climb up mountains, cross rivers?
  • Want a short trip or an extended holiday?
  • Need to be with your friends, to chill, get closer to them and enjoy their undivided company?
    We have whatever you want.

From my Desk

Samsona Getaways, a dream forming, taking shape, crystallizing into reality. I have always believed that some day… and yes, that someday has arrived. This baby conceived over many years, from thought to material, comes out of gestation and is born. It is said life begins at 40 and here I am now beginning to live it.
Every vision needs able hands, prudent judgment and hours of diligence to shape up into reality. All these have been extended by near and dear ones, especially my husband who has strengthened this dream and made it possible. Our team of young enthusiasts, are not behind to take this venture forward by giving it their spirit and energy. Our ventures are at present tie-ups with off beat locations providing exclusive experiences to individuals. Rest assured, that after every trip with us you will discover a new aspect to this world and of yourself. Just have faith in us.

Sonali Korde   –   Founder
Sameer Korde  –  Co-Founder.

Hand in hand with environment

We at Samsona Getaways care for the environment that nurtures us.
So we are environment friendly. Always encouraging trysts with nature and helping you to enjoy its abundance without disturbing it.